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tips for healing a broken family

As we grow older, there can sometimes be problems within the extended family. In my family, the problems started when my brother got married. The moment his wife came into the picture, our family began falling apart. As time went by, we never saw my brother and his wife. Then, our grandfather passed away and everyone came home to say our final goodbyes. The day after the funeral, there was a big blowout between some of the family and it was devastating. It took some convincing, but I managed to talk everyone into attending a few family counseling sessions. I wouldn't say that everything is as it once was, but things are civil again. To find out what we are doing to heal our broken family, visit my website.


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tips for healing a broken family


Want To Adopt A Needy Child? How The 2017 Federal Adoption Tax Credit Can Help

Couples unable to have children of their own are often unsure about how they can afford adoption. Fortunately, the federal government offers a tax credit to individuals and families that wish to adopt a child. The Adoption Tax Credit helps offset adoption costs to allow families to better afford adoption, ultimately providing needy children with a permanent family. Who Can Qualify For The Adoption Tax Credit If you pay out-of-pocket expenses associated with adopting a child, you qualify.