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As we grow older, there can sometimes be problems within the extended family. In my family, the problems started when my brother got married. The moment his wife came into the picture, our family began falling apart. As time went by, we never saw my brother and his wife. Then, our grandfather passed away and everyone came home to say our final goodbyes. The day after the funeral, there was a big blowout between some of the family and it was devastating. It took some convincing, but I managed to talk everyone into attending a few family counseling sessions. I wouldn't say that everything is as it once was, but things are civil again. To find out what we are doing to heal our broken family, visit my website.


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tips for healing a broken family

3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Family Lawyer For Mediation

by Caitlin Lawrence

Family law and mediation is not meant to be used for any minor family squabble. If your family is experiencing major conflict within itself, family law mediation may be the answer. However, ask yourself the following three questions about your family's problem before you decide to call a family law professional. 

Is It Really a Family-Only Issue? 

It might seem like an odd question, but genetics mean a lot in the legal system. Some issues within a family, especially pertaining to issues such as inheritances or wills, can be resolved with the simple clarification of someone's position in (or outside) the family. Life-long friends, in-laws who were divorced or widowed and even adopted children may be considered differently in various legal situations than blood relatives. 

Have You Tried to Resolve It On Your Own? 

Sometimes families get so passionate about their own needs that it can be difficult for everyone to sit down and have an adult conversation about a matter. Many times, families haven't even tried to do this because the stakes may be so high, or because one person in particular is especially belligerent. Trying to resolve an issue doesn't mean multiple family members got into a screaming match.

Meals can be good places to have a calm, well thought-out conversation about the issue. The more "energetic" members of the family may be less inclined to make a scene in a public place. If you think you have the patience, be the one to keep a cool head and propose simply going around the table and allowing everyone to express their feelings and ideas without anyone interrupting, arguing, or blaming.

If you've tried this and things still haven't gotten better, your family situation would be great for referral to a family mediation lawyer.

Is It Worth It? 

If you happen to be the party putting up resistance to a particular idea, ask yourself how valuable your position really is. Some family members--especially siblings--can get into a routine of fighting one another on issues, even when they seem relatively minor or when there's a simple compromise available that would satisfy all parties as long as no one was being overly prideful or greedy. 

If you're not the person pressing the issue, try asking the culprit if it's really worth all the strife and chaos they're causing to be so obstructive to the resolution process.

If you've though about these questions and still feel as though you need to contact a family law professional, by all means do so. Legal counsel, like that offered by Wilson Christen LLP, is the best way to handle family disputes when all informal recourse has been exhausted.