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As we grow older, there can sometimes be problems within the extended family. In my family, the problems started when my brother got married. The moment his wife came into the picture, our family began falling apart. As time went by, we never saw my brother and his wife. Then, our grandfather passed away and everyone came home to say our final goodbyes. The day after the funeral, there was a big blowout between some of the family and it was devastating. It took some convincing, but I managed to talk everyone into attending a few family counseling sessions. I wouldn't say that everything is as it once was, but things are civil again. To find out what we are doing to heal our broken family, visit my website.


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tips for healing a broken family

What Is Love Anyway?

by Caitlin Lawrence

Love is one of the most misunderstood ideas of this time. People claim to love many things from certain foods, to sports and hobbies. Then there is the love of family and friends. But, what is love anyway? Is it simply an intense emotion or liking for certain things? Those preparing for marriage are embarking on a journey of love much deeper than superficial feelings; love that is lasting through the ups and downs of life. What are the characteristics of such deep, abiding love?

Love is Sacrificial

The kind of love needed for marriage is one that is willing to give up self for another. People who possess this type of love think about the needs of the other, even at the expense of their own desires. This is counter intuitive in today's "it's all about me" world, and takes years of practice to even come close to perfecting.

In marriage, this can mean anything from taking turns watching the kids to staying by your spouse's bedside through a difficult illness. Relationships as close as marriage provide plenty of opportunities to express your love through sacrifice. Couples who love sacrificially typically make it through the hardships of life together.

Love Supports

From the humble place of sacrifice comes opportunity to support your spouse and lift them up. In fact, sacrificial love will perfectly position you to help your spouse to shine by coming underneath to lend support. This is a beautiful reality of how love in marriage is designed to work.

When the goal in marriage is to lift each other up, a powerful cycle of love is created. This type of love is motivating to both partners, increasing their willingness to sacrifice for one another.

Love Endures

This is where real love can become difficult. It's relatively easy for newlyweds to sacrifice and support one another initially. They are still on the high of the wedding and the honeymoon. Even difficult things are much easier when your feelings are in agreement.

But the kind of love needed for successful marriage continues long after the feelings subside. This kind of love looks as much like enduring friendship as it does passionate romance. It settles in and trusts that the partners are in it for the long haul.

Defining love is essential for those preparing for marriage. As couples begin to develop clear perspective on what they are entering into, the chances of success in marriage are greatly increased. When love is sacrificial, supportive, and enduring, it can blossom and grow, seeing them through to the end.  

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